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by bapenguin

Playing Games with Friends: From Retro Board Games to the Online Casino


For hundreds of years, friends have gathered to play games together, with many enjoying the added edge of competitiveness this adds to the game. From your traditional board games to the growth of Internet gaming, playing with friends isn’t a dying tradition – it’s an ever-evolving one.

To explore the joy of playing games with friends and how technology is changing this, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular multiplayer popular games of all time:

Popular Multiplayer Games

Worms: Now over twenty years old, Worms holds nostalgic memories for many gamers. It has evolved over the years, but still remains centred on its original three- to four-player setup with 30 seconds to blow up as much as possible – “incoming!” Many gamers hail Worms Armageddon as the best version.  

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: This game epitomises teamwork. It’s a two-player game where one gamer tries to defuse the bomb while the other reads the instruction manual. Neither player can look at what the other player’s seeing, which is why this game puts many friendships to the test. It’s also the perfect example of how a game can leave the screen itself in the background, focusing more on the teamwork involved in completing a task. Gamers often find themselves developing their own verbal shorthand so they can save valuable seconds, while the bomb handler also double- and triple-checks everything their teammate is saying – “Cut the red wire, no, sorry, the green one – or is it the red one?”

Call of Duty 4: Building on the popularity of the online experience offered in Call of Duty 2, this multiplayer version creates an addictive and accessible community that’s perfect for gamers of all levels.

Battlefield 1: Based during the Great War (but with a few extras added in for cinematic effect), this Battlefield game takes multiplayer gaming to a whole new level. Not only is it a new Battlefield game, which is enough for some, but it also offers 64-player battles complete with warplanes and machines, armoured cars and tanks. With so much experimental technology included in this game, this is one gamers will remember for many years to come.  

A Winning Combination

Over the years, technology has evolved to bring a number of different elements to multiplayer games – including the ability to speak to your friends online. And one industry that’s joined in with this craze is the online casino. Allowing friends to gamble and play games online together has added another fun, exciting feature to the slots.

What’s more, researchers have also discovered that playing video games with friends actually makes you better at them. Team this with the rise in multiplayer casino games and you’ve got a winning combination. And if you’re looking for help finding the best casino games online, give USA Online Casino a go. With reviews, advice and all the latest deals available, it’s one of the best places to start.

Whether you’re still a traditional at heart and love nothing more than a face-to-face duel on the Cluedo board or you’re embracing online versions of multiplayer games, one thing’s for sure, there’s nothing quite like playing games with friends!

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