by beebadarko

Favorite Co-op Game of All Time.

Two words. Smash T.V.

   I remember seeing it the first time in the arcade. It looked it stood out from all the other machines somehow. Me and my buddy put our first quarters in that puppy and we were sold off the bat. At the time, the graphics and sounds were spectacular. Not to mention it was one of the cool games with little bits of blood splatter.

 We wiped the first room clean, looked at each other and thought we were going to tear that game up. No one warned us about all the insane stuff that goes down when you get into the next few rooms. Gun-toting back to back dodging bomb sprays and missiles from all directions, chaos everywhere. The boss fights to this day still blow me away. 

  I was stoked when it came to NES. I forced my mom to buy it for me so I could play with my arcade buddy from the comfort of my brown corduroy couch. Probably saved us $100 in quarters. Not only was it an amazing piece of co-op action, it totally rocked the single player mode with dual NES controllers. I felt a true bad-ass progressing through the game with both of those rectangle joysticks. 

  Midway recently pulled off all the games on the Xbox Live market, and I didn't get a chance to snag it up beforehand. If any of you were lucky enough to get your hands on it, I salute you. Hang on to it, it's a keeper.


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