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by mrmcjerk

Crunk Co-Op: A game guide to drinking and co-op gaming, volume 1


A semi-regular series of blog posts, pertaining to great co-op game experience (couch and online) while enjoying a few beers.  Note that these are games I've played or owned, solely on PS3.

Hey y'all.  Mr. McJerk here, letting you know what's great, not-so-great, and downright hilarious to play co-op while enjoying adult libations.  What's your favorite co-op drink?  Personally, mine is anything FREE AND PLENTIFUL.  The best way to get that (and have a good co-op gaming time) is couch co-op.  Show up and plug in controller 2!  Or bluetooth connect it, whatever.  This techmology is crazy nowadays.

Rock Band/Guitar Hero - A great choice for 2-4 people.  The more beer, the better this game gets, until everyone is rocking out on medium and having a blast, shouting along to Journey.  The only negative is that everyone needs to be on the same musical wavelength - Jimmy Buffet fans generally hate Soundgarden. 

Kane and Lynch - Another game that requires a dedicated co-op partner, but beer doesn't really make this game better.  Unskippable cutscenes, frustrating controls, and a mature storyline harsh the buzz, but watching Lynch hallucinate and kill pig-faced hostages is a nice treat.  Stick to the "withdrawl" stage.

Borderlands - As long as someone is playing as Brick, this is worth it.  Nothing beats punching skags to death with your bare fists, while screaming "BLOOOOOOOD!!  BLOOOOOOOOOOD!!  HAHAHAHAHA"  Defintely worth a laugh, but your girlfriend will probably hate it.

DJ Hero - Yes, this deserves its own bullet point.  If you know someone else who actually owns this game and a turntable, don't play this as a co-op game.  The mixes in the series are pretty good, but after a couple drinks, they sound like crap and crossfading is hard enough sober.  Leave the turntable at home. 

Bonus not actually a co-op game but fun to drink and watch; Mass Effect 2 - Because after 11 beers, telling your buddy to hook up with all these alien girls never stops being funny.

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