CCV: My Gaming Resolution is the Opposite of BigBadBobs

As I've pointed out in my last two CCV blogs, I've been living in Japan and missing out on a lot of big (and little) games over the last 6 months. Finally, I have returned to the UK and got my xbox humming away once again.

I've built up a huge backlog of co-op and XBLA games to play, which will continue to grow as I've yet to get through any of them! Most are still wrapped up - this means I've got a lot of catching up to do. Unfortunately, life is getting in the way of my gaming - I've got a lot of reports and papers to write at work, I'm moving house in a weeks time and I'm going to start a new job the week after! So my resolution this year is to play catch up - mainly so I can talk to people about games without the fear of a spoiler coming through - it's been touch and go with some games so far (through my own fault!).

I'm also keen to play more games with my fiance and people on co-optimus. What better excuse do I have than the huge backlog of co-op games and achievements that I need to get? I'm particularly keen on getting a 4 player co-op going in Gears of War (for those reading my previous blogs - my special edition is lovely, the cog medal is particularly cool and very sturdy/'realistic').

So my resolution is to play more, with more people - perhaps Bob can even forgoe his resolution a little in order to help me achieve mine? Pretty please?


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