by chronosagaaddict

Don't tell Borderlands...

I'm having an affiar on Borderlands with Dead Island, i love that game soo much and I sat down when i got off work and played it for 7 hours stright today and i didn't evne accur to me that that much time had gone by til i was like $#!&$.. i need to tke a break and egt some food and i relaized it was 1 hour before bedtime..

I've come to the realization that i could play dead island 36 hours striaight and it wouldn't phase me..

I will go back to Borderlands once I've had my full of Dead island, but due to how massive the game is, I doubt it will be anytime soon, I've only scrathed the surface of the game and that's juts with one character and the plot has barely unfolded... soo much to do in that game. I supose part of the massive amount of time spent on the game could be a tribuated to that i plan to do 100% of the quests and full understand and enjoy the story, so it will take me a very long time to play through it with my starting character.

Oh i'll still play Borderlands when others need my help, but dead island is a instant classic in my heart now.. I think it may reach the ranks of chrono trigger and Borderlands and E.VO. due to how good it is.. I may just 100% it just to show my honamge to it's magesty and greatness. Only time will tell, But i know for a fact that at least 4 other people on my freidns list have the game and two will be playing it religioulsy so i think alot of hours will be clocked in that game.

Still figiting with the saving though...gonna take a bit to figure that out...gott find all the spots that force it to autosave just to be safe.. 

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