Co-Optimus - Community Blog - What do I want in a game?
by justabaldguy

What do I want in a game?

For about two years now I've really been confused on what I want in a game. Initially, I wanted all co-op. This has been fun, but is disappointing if I'm online and no good co-op buddies are. Then I switched to almost all single player in Fallout New Vegas. This was great, as anytime I was ready to play the game was ready for me. Eventually though I missed co-oping. 

I've been trying to find a good balance. I only have a few gaming nights and occasional weekend afternoons to sneak in god console gaming.  I always tend to find myself with one or the other, and at the moment I have maybe 5 or 6 good co-op titles but not a single good solo game. I have enjoyed Dungeon Defenders due to the difference in play from the typical FPS or RPGs I usually play. 

This got me thinking about a more casual game I could play on my laptop. it's 3:45PM Saturday. I'm nearly bored to tears as there's no football on TV. The girls are in the other room playing kid games on my desktop. I can't do much without bothering them or the wife who's napping upstairs. I missed my chance to game at 1 when everyone went down for a nap due to other circumstances. I'm thinking if I had a good casual game I could play it now.

I played and LOVE Machinarium. I cannot get my laptop to run a few of the other games I got on Steam. I'd like something in a tower defense or perhaps city sim. I'd like something easy to play with a keyboard and mouse, something NOT shooting and killing everything. I'd love a persistent game that would keep going even if I'm not logged in. Something my wife and I could collaborate on would be fun. I used to enjoy Sim City back in the day, if there was something like that where I could play with others but not Farmville on Facebook it might be fun. 

This is an odd topic as I can't really even define it. "What do I want in a game?" doesn't even really define what I'm asking or searching for. I guess sometimes I think I've got a bad vibe on games and need to adjust a bit. Until then, I'd love to find something light but fun to play on the fly as I get time.