by kkrambo

CCV: My Backlog, Let me show you it

Borderlands:  Can you believe it?  I never finished this great game.  I got a Hunter to level twenty-something but just kinda stopped playing.  The problem with this game is that I got on the bandwagon too late -- after most of my friends had finished or were way ahead of me.  I tried to interest my wife in local co-op but she doesn't go for shooters.  So I played mostly solo with a bit of online co-op.  It's still fun this way but I missed out on the co-op awesomeness of Borderlands.

God of War II & III:  I never played the GOW games on PS2 so I got them for PS3.  I completed GOW1 but it took months because I spent many weeks away from it.  It was a good game but maybe not one of my favorites.  I started on hard and it wasn't long before I was getting my ass kicked.  The game asks if you want to step down to easy and eventually I accepted.  Easy was maybe too easy although it still seemed like a long game.  Why don't they let you step down to Normal?  (Or maybe they do and I just didn't bother to look.)

Heavy Rain:  I got this after release and after Move support was announced.  I decided to wait for the Move support before playing.  I have the Move now but I still haven't started.

Donkey Kong Country Returns:  My wife and I got more than halfway through this together.  But it has been shelved since LBP2 came out.  DKCR is pretty hard but I'm not sure it's really as difficult as some of the reviewers would have you believe.  DKCR is fun but I feel like its all the same DK gameplay as earlier games.  LBP2 seems innovative.  DKCR is nostalgic.  Innovative wins.

Uncharted 2:  OK, technically I don't have this in my hands but I do have Goozex points with Uncharted 2's name on them.  I haven't bothered to order this yet because of the backlog above.  I figure the price might come down more before I actually find time to play Uncharted 2.

The games I have been playing while this backlog built up include Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Rock Band 3.  The games that may keep me from adressing my backlog in the near future include those plus LBP2 and Killzone3.

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