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Customize Your Lost Planet 2 Character to the Extreme

If you were worried that Lost Planet 2 wouldn't offer the level of character customization you were hoping for, you can stop worrying now. Check out this blog post from someone who is apparently, in the know (I wasn't able to figure out who "Snow" is but he definitely has a wealth of knowledge to share). Character appearance is extremely customizable:

The game is loaded with various factions, all with their own cultures. You'll be getting parts to these characters as you play, and it's all interchangeable. You'll be able to swap out heads/helmets, torso/armor, backpacks/t-eng canisters, and their legs/boots. Not only that, but each of those pieces has various colors and patterns to choose from. 

Plus, there will be abilities, weapons, emotes (the next level of T-bagging), and titles that can all be changed to make your character even more unique than your friends' characters. Lost Planet 2 is sounding more and more like an RPG, which, in terms of customization, is a characteristic many of us here are particularly fond of.


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