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New In Download and DLC

For our recent and upcoming new releases we have a few on the plate this week. First off, Mac users can now enjoy the convenience of Steam, joining in on the co-op gaming revolution. Then, the Xbox LIVE Arcade has two new titles coming up, Metal Slug XX and Aqua bringing more co-op to the Xbox LIVE arcade. Finally, Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers has its second expansion released for our digital Magic needs.

Noteworthy announcements include the official word on Pixeljunk Shooter 2. Sony has announced the co-op sequel to a great series, but details are still fairly limited. There is also an upcoming Splinter Cell Conviction DLC pack called "Insurgency" on the way. The DLC is loaded with co-op goodness, and set to drop on May 27th.

Free For You

Want a SHMUP with characters that fly around and blow things up instead of ships? Well, I do, and I enjoyed my co-op demo of Omega Five. Play two-player local co-op for free in this trial game of an Xbox Live arcade title. The trial game was moderately long with interesting music and fun SHMUP gameplay.

Other Interesting Articles

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