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Aerosmith's music loops continuously during play, most notably "Eat the Rich" and "Toys in the Attic" along with the aforementioned "Sweet Emotion".  During the final level, "Walk This Way" blares forth from the speakers as you confront the leader of NON, Headmistress Helga, who, in true video game boss fashion, dies quickly and then assumes "her" true form, a leather-clad monster named Mondor who spews bad one-liners along with grenades and bullets. 

The whole experience of Revolution X is just...bizarre.  The enemies are wearing odd costumes, you can throw CDs to do extra damage, and strangest of all is the digitized voice clips.  You can tell the designers were proud of the license, and wanted to feature the hot new technology of an extensive voice clip collection.  How?  Because it's a constant stream of repetitive quotes, featuring such eloquent phrases as "YEOW! Now you got protection!" and "Fired Up!" in Steven Tyler's distinctive tone.

I suppose I am being too hard on Revolution X.  While some games are timeless, others are so steeped in the culture and trends of their time that they just can't be looked at without an eye-roll or twelve.  What was cool in 1994 may not be so cool now, but is it really any different than say, Taylor Swift in Band Hero?  Not really.  At the end of the day, Revolution X is a fun romp through a bizarre game world, and playing through it with a buddy or two is a good time.  And hey, let's keep it in perspective: it could have been a whole lot worse...