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We're just resting our eyes.

Our Weekend In Gaming: A Brief Respite

Another weekend, another Weekend in Gaming article featuring your favorite co-op writers.  We're a little light on cooperative gaming of the digital variety, but we're trying to make up for it with some good, old-fashioned board gaming.  Seeing as how we're knee-deep in the Season of Endless Video Game Releases, our eyes could probably use a break from the dim glow of a monitor/television anyway.

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A minimalist adventure with maximum fun

Flat Heroes Co-Op Review

Every couple years a game comes along which sets the bar for a genre. For precision platformers N did it in 2008, Super Meat Boy followed in 2010, and now, there is a new title to carry that torch. Flat Heroes combines a minimal design aesthetic with crisp gameplay, delivering a tight platforming experience that shouldn’t be missed. ...

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Beautiful Mech Combat Coming To Nintendo Switch

Daemon X Machina Gets A New Trailer and Co-Op Confirmation

In a new trailer shown during the most recent Nintendo Direct, the wonderfully stylish Daemon X Machina displays its unique art design and breathtaking action. While there is a trailer with details, Nintendo of America’s official website does provide written details as well stating that Daemon X Machina is set to feature multiplayer modes - both local and online - when it launches at an unannounced date in 2019, although at this time it is only clear that there will be online co-op.

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If you want to enjoy jolly co-op online, you'll need to pay

Nintendo Switch Online Service Is Now Live

After announcing that they'd eventually have some kind of online service and then keeping the details of it quiet for over a year, Nintendo rolled out the Nintendo Switch Online Service yesterday. The long and short of it is this: with the exception of free-to-play games, any title you want to play online with friends will require everyone to have an active membership. But, there are some benefits.

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