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I brought this up a couple times during the stream (a recap of which can be found below), but Distrust isn't like many of the survival games to which you're accustomed (such as Don't Starve or ARK). The title feels like it has more in common with board games, such as Dead of Winter or Mansions of Madness, as your primary goal is to scavenge an area for supplies and keep pushing forward, rather than gathering things to build other things. It relies heavily upon the push/pull mechanics of moving forward, and feeling like you have enough stuff to keep your three status bars (Warmth, Stamina [tiredness], and Satiety [hunger]) from dropping so low that you begin to lose health and suffer from a variety of mental affects. Those mental affects impact what you see and hear, leading to situations where you can't be sure if that food you picked up is spoiled or not, or if something in the environment actually needs to be repaired/fixed (which will waste supplies you need).

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