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An important warning before continuing to discuss the game further. Genshin Impact is a gachapon and, in this case, new characters and weapons are earned via "Wishes," which are randomized loot drops (loot boxes). The chances for new characters are shown in game and they are very low (a 5-star character is a 0.6% chance per wish). While you can earn the currency to obtain these Wishes by just playing the game (a few hours each day will just about get you one Wish), you can also purchase a premium currency that you can then convert into the free currency in order to get Wishes. Spending real world money on a random chance to obtain certain items is equivalent to gambling, though there is not even a chance for any kind of financial return in this instance. Games like Genshin thrive by preying upon players with addictive personalities and if you've ever felt that pull of, "well, maybe I'll just toss in another $10 to see what I get..." then avoid this game. It will happily take all your money and leave you with little but regrets. Even if you're not drawn in by the slot machine mechanic, there are a handful of other ways the game monetizes things (a Battle Pass, limited energy for certain loot) that can draw you in. Approach this game carefully.

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