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Thirteen months, just over a year.  That's how long it has been since Guitar Hero Aerosmith was released.  I picked the game up as an impulse buy when it was heavily discounted a few months ago.  It lay in our game drawer until about a week ago, mostly unplayed.  When we moved, the games got shuffled around, and when I reached in to see what caught my eye one night, tired from opening box after box, GH Aerosmith caught my eye.  I summoned my 8 year old partner, and we grabbed our guitars and went for it. The first thing we noticed was that thirteen months may not be too long in real life, but that's not the case for music games.  Guitar Hero Aerosmith runs on the GH3 engine.  This was an awkward time for the franchise.  Rock Band was the new hotness, and the obscene difficulty and ill-conceived boss battles of GH3 didn't hold up well in comparison.  This awkwardness is even more apparent now; GH Aerosmith feels like a game from a different era.  Only two player co-op, no drums or vocals, and a general lack of polish put a damper on the experience somewhat.  The simple fact is, older music games just don't hold up well, reminding one of annual sports game franchises.

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