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Simple, Subtle, Superb

Hyper X Pulsefire Core Review

I have floated back and forth between console and PC gaming over the years. While focusing on the PC field and adding to my Steam library more I have found that the hardware is as important as the games themselves. Thankfully, the HyperX Pulsefire Core does a wonderful job as an entry level piece of hardware for those entering, or reentering, the PC field.

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I guess you could say we're quite... Taken... with it.

Our Weekend In Gaming: ...It's Destiny 2

Change is inevitable, but if the Co-Opticrew can cling to a game for as long as humanly possible, then by gosh, they're going to.  As such, Destiny 2 remains a prominent feature in our weekend plans.  I know the game's in a good place, and this latest expansion has reworked its systems in some very smart ways, but geez y'all, at least pretend to like other things.

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Updates for TERA, holiday events for Perfect World\'s MMOs, and layoffs at Daybreak

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XCIV: Fish, Valkyries, Perfect World, and Daybreak

For this last issue of 2018 for MMO Co-Opportunities, we’ll be looking at two updates for TERA, listing all the winter festivities coming to Perfect World’s MMOs, and reporting a large scale layoff at Daybreak. Let’s dive in. TERA to get PC and Console Updates TERA will be getting two updates in the near future: one f...

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They're back, and they want the respect they deserve.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Revenge Of The Sequels

The Co-Opticrew just can't escape its collective obsession with increasing numbers.  Whether it's the fifth, fourth, or second entry in a series, we are always 100% on board.  Maybe that explains Eric's obsession with Speed 2: Cruise Control, or why Jason has worn the same Batman & Robin promotional t-shirt for the last 20 years.  Seriously, though, Jason... that thing is ripe.

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Dealz yo.

Co-Op Game Black Friday Deal Round-Up

Black Friday is upon us, the day where we empty our hard earned wallets onto the internet and into retailers everywhere because...capitalism. You too can join in on the fun this year! It looks like Microsoft has gone all in with some killer deals on their systems, subscriptions, and games. That said - we've managed to scrounge up a few key deals on Amazon on some other games.

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Pictured: New York (2018, Colorized)

Our Weekend In Gaming: How Cold Is Too Cold?

The Co-Opticrew is fending off the cold weather the best way we know how - by ignoring it entirely and huddling around a kitchen table or LED screen.  It hasn't been scientifically proven that the body craves cooperative gameplay at lower temperatures, but it hasn't been disproved either.  So, you know, I'm gonna chalk that one up as a universal truth for the time being.

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