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I can't believe I haven't made this joke before.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Jason's Addiction

The Co-Opticrew has finally broken free of Destiny 2's iron grip... for the most part, anyway.  There's still a lingering sense of Stockholm Syndrome, but we're beginning to branch out, breathe the fresh air, and remember that other video games exist.  We've got a pretty solid mix of old and new titles planned for the weekend, so good/nostalgic times should be had all around.

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A sleek update to an old favorite

Blue Yeti X Review

While there are no shortage of quality headsets and microphones to use while gaming these days, it can be a daunting task to jump from the "general gamer" to "aspiring streamer"; or in my case to "I have to professionally represent a website and sound somewhat respectable". There are quite a few products on the market ...

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Darkness looms.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Gray Friday

Get ready, folks, cause Black Friday is a mere fourteen days away.  Just hours after you've successfully (or unsuccessfully) navigated the sea of Turkey Day conversation and avoided all the most dangerous political whirlpools, you'll be thrust directly into the meat grinder also known as Capitalism's Big Day.  It's probably best to start preparing now, lest you fall prey to the incessant onslaught of deals.

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A stylish new color palette for the acclaimed Cloud MIX

HyperX Cloud MIX Rose Gold Impressions

While I’m a big fan in general of HyperX’s gaming headsets, the Cloud MIX is still one of my very favorites. It is by far the most versatile headset I’ve had the opportunity to use, supporting use with a single 3.5mm jack (for mobile devices, certain computers/laptops, and consoles), dual 3.5mm jacks (for computers that support an audio/microphone jack set-up), and Bluetooth connections.

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And I'm not talking about 2K's WWE release schedule.

Our Weekend In Gaming: The Spookiest Time Of The Year

Well, folks, this is the last time you'll hear from the Co-Opticrew before we're in full swing for Halloween.  What are we doing to prepare for the oncoming rush of scares and sweets?  Well... playing more video games, as it turns out.  I'm not certain it'll help things, but at the very least, we'll slip into our diabetic comas with memories of our favorite titles.

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