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Tanks for the memories, SNK

Co-Op Classic Metal Sug 1 Runs and Guns to iOS and Android

The iPhone/iPad and Android are already home to a fine port of Metal Slug 3, one of the best entries in SNK's arcade run-and-gun shoot-em-up series. Now the Japanese game maker has ported the original Metal Slug to mobile devices under the highly appropriate title Metal Slug 1. Like the previous port, this one boasts several enhancements like an all-new Mission Mode and of course, Bluetooth co-op play. New for this installment: adjustable controls.

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NEOGEO Station Chugging Onto Playstation Network

The NEOGEO system was quite popular in arcades in the 1990s.  Though renowned for a slew of great fighting games like Samurai Showdown and King of Fighters, some excellent co-op titles were available on the platform as well.  Later this month, NEOGEO Station is coming to the Playstation Network, bringing classic NEOGEO titles to your console or handheld. 

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Co-Op Classics: Metal Slug

Suppose for a moment that you could go back a decade in time.  The original Playstation is achieving popularity, and the Nintendo 64 is still new.  The Xbox and its successor won't be available for years.  If you were to walk into an arcade, you wouldn't see many DDR machines yet, but there would be dozens of fighters.  Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Killer Instinct ruled the day.  One on one fighting was by far the most popular genre, but there were a few notable exceptions that featured co-opgameplay.  One of those, a fondly remembered classic, one that spawned several sequels, was Metal Slug.  

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