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Sometimes you just know the title of a game is going to sell it.  Carmageddon for example.  Yeah, I'll buy that.  Doom.  Yup, sign me up.  Blades of Steel.  I'll take two please. But when a game is called Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers we can't help but think they are going about this the wrong way.   Sure there's nothing wrong with women in bikinis slaying zombies.  In fact, we encourage it.  But something tells me the hardcore Nintendo fans of Mario and Zelda combined with the "non traditional" Wii-Sports gamers aren't your best target market.  You see, this is a Wii title.  Not a 360, not a PS3, not a PC...but a Nintendo Wii title.  Just think of the waggling possibilties for this one! All joking aside the game does promise players the ability to use the Wii-mote "swinging and thrusting into zombie enemy hordes."  And of course we wouldn't be talking about the game if there wasn't some promised co-op feature, which there is.  It looks like two players will be able to play through the story mode each utilizing their "own unique fighting style."  Bikinis optional.

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