Co-Optimus Feed for Co-Op videogame news for .Spiritfarer A custom RSS feed on co-op gaming for: Co-Op videogame news for .Spiritfarer en-us [E3 2019] Spiritfarer Offers A New Look At Friendship and LossJason Love

Looking at Spiritfarer strictly from a gameplay perspective, it is a management sim. You'll hunt, fish, harvest, cook, and craft to keep your spirit passengers happy and content on the voyage while also building up your ship to provide more living spaces and comforts. The game will also let a second player join in to play as Daffodil, the cat, who has all the same abilities as the player controlling Stella and can help keep things going smoothly on the boat. Moving beyond that narrow view of things, though, Spiritfarer is clearly going for something more than just another management sim.

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