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Before going any further I wanted to talk about the graphical performance of the game. If you go to the Steam store page or Steam discussion for Wild Hearts, you will see a number of reviews/discussion where players discuss the title's poor framerate and graphical performance. I've encountered this myself and it is an issue about which the developers are aware and working to fix. The console versions appear to be fine for the most part though there are some reports of late-game play has weird slowdown issues. All of this points to optimization problems within the game engine itself, which is called the "Katana Engine" and Koei Tecmo/Omega Force developed alongside the title. That is a monumental task to do and it is clear that both needed some more development time, but here we are. Ideally all of this will be improved over time, just consider this your "caveat emptor" if you're concerned with framerate.

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