Video | 1/19/2012 at 8:56 AM

Borderlands 2 Live Action Lilith Revealed, New Footage Too

It wasn't long ago we told you about the live action casting call for a Lilith for Borderlands 2.  Gearbox was looking for a leading lady to fill Lilith's virtual shoes in the real world and they've already found their match in a beautiful Australian woman named Yasemin Arslan.  What's a bit odd about the casting call is, Lilith serves as a secondary character in Borderlands 2, as the siren isn't actually playable in the game.  

Speaking of the co-op game, the G4 TV reveal of Lilith also features some new footage from Borderlands 2.  What I'd like to know is, when is there going to be a casting call for the Gunserker Dwarf.  I know a few people that could fit that bill!