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Ludum Dare Competition Produces Co-Op Survival Game Myrne 6312
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Ludum Dare Competition Produces Co-Op Survival Game Myrne 6312

Get comfortable sharing your keyboard.

The thrice-yearly Ludum Dare competition recently wrapped up its 26th round of lightning-speed game development challenges, receiving over 2,300 submissions from game creators the world over. Participants are allotted a scant 48 hours to make a game from start to finish, each one working from a central theme. This time around that theme was "minimalism", teaching us all a lesson about doing a lot using very little. Or something like that.

Not to tip the voting scales or anything, but Beldarak submitted a co-op survival shooter game titled Myrne 6312. Two players must work together to make their way out of a space station using a single keyboard in split-screen mode. A little bit of puzzle solving is involved as well, and the game manages to set a great atmosphere using just a few visual and audio elements.

Myrne 6312 is playable in web browsers using the Unity Web Player, and there are also downloadable Windows and Mac versions. Be sure to play and vote on some of the other Ludum Dare submissions as well. Some really creative stuff comes out of these competitions. Makes you wonder if some people have time machines. The last time I made something in 48 hours, it was pancakes...

Source: Ludumdare.com