by bapenguin

How to Play 3D Roulette Online

Ever since its inception in the 18th century, Roulette has been a common element in casinos around the world. It is thought that the game initially came from Monte Carlo, where only rich individuals could afford to play it. 

by bapenguin

Injustice 2 PC Review

I spent a ridiculous amount of time with the PC version of Injustice, and when the console version of Injustice 2 launched with a PC port in sight, my heart sank. Thankfully it was worth the 6 months wait as gamers get to experience the NetherRealm title with 4K support, extra characters, and plenty of bells and whistles tha

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Will couch co-op ever return properly

One of the greatest gaming memories for plenty of avid gamers is playing co-operatively with friends on the same console, with couch co-op being one of the biggest lures of gaming during the first few years of the millennium.

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Is it Time to Find the Best Gaming VPN?

The rise of E-Sports has taken a lot of folks by surprise, in just a short amount of time the concept of watching someone play a video game - let alone watching someone play a video game for money - has gone from a pipe dream to the norm. Streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixer see millions of hours of engagement a day, and with the top five

by Mattaghetti

Value or Validation

    I should admit, throughout my time writing, and even as far back as when I began watching and playing games, my outlook was always skewed to the wrong side. I constantly have to reel myself back to where I need to be, my focus often creeping towards convincing people that what I love has value, rather than focusing on th

by Mattaghetti

Press X to Play

    ‘Press X to Jason’ the screen reads, as you play through Heavy Rain. ‘Press X to pay respects’ the screen offers, as you begin Call of Duty; Advanced Warfare’s campaign; these scripted moments are something that try and engage the gamer but often feel as though they are awkward moments, much l

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NHL 17 Review

Every year I debate whether or not to pick up the latest NHL game, usually holding off until the day of release and finally giving into the urge. It’s not that I don’t like video game hockey, in fact, I absolutely adore it. But it’s a tough pill to swallow a $60 price tag year over year. EA tends to throw in buzz words for ne

by Charlie Lucy

Virtual Reality: A New Frontier that Needs New Games to be Played

After years of hot-seat games, split-screen races, and other rudimentary forms of multiplayer gameplay, my first LAN game came as a breath of fresh air. Not having to share my computer with another human being, and being able to play along with my friends in a relatively comfortable way (we didn't have "gamer" chairs back then) was a great exp