Fist Puncher

  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Fist Puncher Available for Xbox 360
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Fist Puncher Available for Xbox 360

Cleaning up the streets, retro style

Side-scrolling beat em' ups have been making a comeback in recent times. Once a staple of the video game world, these types of games took a hiatus, only to be revived once again when retro-themed games once again entered the gaming scene. One such game, Fist Puncher, was released recently for the PC. Fist Puncher, from Team2Bit, was a very zany brawler that featured tons of characters, content, moves, and achievements.

Fist Puncher also has local co-op with up to four players. The thing was, it was only released on the PC. Well, if you were to take a look at the XBLA, you would see that Fist Puncher is actually available via the XBLIG section of the store. You can grab the game for 400 MSP, and get to work on unlocking the wealth of achievements and easter eggs in the game. It also supports co-op with up to four players locally. Like the PC version, the XBLIG version of Fist Puncher includes 50 playable levels, 15 characters, and a robust RPG and leveling system.

For $5, it is probably worth checking out Fist Puncher. It has a lot of content for the price, and it is also hilarious. If you are a fan of old school beat em' ups, hand drawn pixelated art, or fun cooperative games, then give Fist Puncher a go.