Dead Sky

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Dead Sky Shambles Forward This October
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Dead Sky Shambles Forward This October

Put your faith in barbed wire.

If you’ve ever had the wild desire to observe your own meager defenses overrun by piles of rotting, ambulatory flesh, then you’re in luck! Shorebound Studios, of Spectraball fame, is offering you and your friends this exact experience with Dead Sky, a top down tower defense/shooter out on PC, Mac, and Linux in October of this year. Finally, you can watch on in disbelief as zombies tear across your previously impenetrable barricade and feast on your allies’ succulent, pink brains.

Players will take on the role of a survivor just dying to keep their humanity, in a world where being an unholy walking corpse is “the cool thing to do.” An expansive crafting system allows players to scavenge for supplies, then MacGyver their own barricades, traps, and turrets in order to turn the rotting tide. Your base won’t take all the credit, as you equip special weapons and powerups and mow down some undead suckers yourself in top-down shooter action.

Single player focuses on nine story based missions where you’ll be expected to defend outposts with flame throwers, or cast your vengeance down from the heavens while perched in a chopper. Multiplayer features 5 co-op maps of hectic, horde-based combat. You and up to three buddies must endure for as long as possible, gathering materials, crafting a base, and holding out against becoming human buffets.

Yes, it is yet another zombie game. However, anxiety is a core element to both tower defense games, and any zombie media. That soul-crushing feeling of watching an endless horde of evil approaching your ragtag base is paramount to both, and that lends some credit to the core concept of this game.