Commander Cherry's Puzzled Journey

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
Use Your Real Body as a Stepping Stone in Commander Cherry's Puzzled Adventure
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Use Your Real Body as a Stepping Stone in Commander Cherry's Puzzled Adventure

The PlayStation Eye sees all....

With the advent of new technology, plenty of games force you to make ridiculous yoga poses for its own amusement, but most of these rely on personal training, a la WiiFit and Xbox Fitness. I'm still on the fence as to if those count as actual games or not, but I digress. What if there was a game which allowed you to utilize the pose of a friend's real life body in order to provide platforms in that exact shape to traverse across a ravine?

Formed January 1st of this year with a focus on motion controls, developer Grandé Games has just such a game. With the working title of Commander Cherry's Puzzled Adventure, player one operates Commander Cherry and works the platforming, while player two makes various poses. The outline of their bodies is slapped on the screen, and you may scamper across it just as Mr. Cherry would on solid ground.

That's kind of confusing. Let's see it in action. All of this footage is from the game in development, and does not have any bearing on the finished product.

If watching a man in a horse mask play video games and make bizarre motions isn't the strangest thing you've seen all day, your lifestyle is probably very dangerous.

There's no ETA on the game and it requires the PlayStation Eye to play. It's an interesting take on a co-op platformer, and you will receive endless pleasure from watching them flail about in order to build a bridge. Of course, the PlayStation Eye will be watching the both of you. And judging.

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