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  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
Liitmeis Does Minimalist Co-Op Bomberman
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Liitmeis Does Minimalist Co-Op Bomberman

Calmer and not as colorful, but no less entertaining.

If Bomberman was an abstract game, it might be Liitmeis. The quiet and artistic arcade game strips away all the bright colors and kangaroo things in favor of dark levels and neon outlines for characters. The result is something much more intriguing than the usual "walk over there, set a bomb, wait, set another one, oops too fast dead".

The basic idea behind Liitmeis is to find your way out of each level by dropping TNT to blow away the walls. Eventually you'll find an exit door, but before that you'll probably let loose some nightmarish creatures you'll need to deal with. Or avoid, it's your funeral. A handy monstropedia keeps count of how many foes suffer the wrath of your TNT, which is nice when you really want to brag about how many flaming serpents you've killed in your lifetime.

Liitmeis' resemblances to Bomberman are really only superficial. The game can be a much headier experience than its bomb-fueled cousin. Enemies are usually only unleashed if you allow them to be so, meaning you can carve your way through many levels without fighting off a single monster. Or, if you're tired of thinking and just want to see some TNT, let them free and see how well your reflexes can serve you.

Liitmeis features randomized levels to keep things fresh each time you play. Co-op supports two local players and simply allows the both of you to work together to carve out that exit. The demo provides a surprising amount of content for a free download: five levels and a random stage generator. It's got co-op, too, so it won't hurt to grab it and give it a try.