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Ruffian Games to Release 4-player Co-op Shooter 'Hollowpoint' in 2015
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Ruffian Games to Release 4-player Co-op Shooter 'Hollowpoint' in 2015

Bullets will be flying from almost everywhere.

Gamescom may have been a few weeks ago, but we can’t forget about a cool title that was announced during the conference. Paradox Interactive and Ruffian Games (the same developer who brought us Crackdown 2) will be bringing us a new top-down action shooter called Hollowpoint.

Set in the distant future, powerful corporations use organizations of mercenaries to do their dirty work under wraps. Naturally, those hired guns will eventually run into one another in epic shootouts across the cityscape and we’ll get to play as some of those hired guns within Hollowpoint. The game combines 2D side-scrolling with 3D targeting mechanics, forcing players to look both in front of him and in the background. Hollowpoint, however, isn’t meant to be only about running-and-gunning everywhere. Each level will require thoughtful planning beforehand to tackle all the different level layouts, objectives, or events effectively. Additionally, outfitting your Operatives with the proper abilities, weaponry, and other equipment will be essential for success. Check out the pre-alpha trailer below for a small glimpse of game footage:

Apart from the 4-player online experience Hollowpoint has to offer, we’re really digging the dark and gritty nature of this futuristic world setting. It sort of reminds us of the world of Strider in some ways. We’re definitely looking forward to trying out the game when it releases in 2015 on PC and PS4.

Source: Paradoxplaza.com