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Puzzle Game BFF or Die is Serious About Co-Op
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Puzzle Game BFF or Die is Serious About Co-Op

Um... I choose BFF, I guess.

Honey Tribe Studios doesn't mess around when it comes to co-op. In its latest alpha-stage puzzle game, BFF or Die, players are given a very simple choice: work together, or just give up and go home because you obviously can't even co-op, can you?

Ok, so BFF or Die isn't as serious as the name implies, but it does convey the mild sense of humor inherent in the experience. The game is essentially puzzles and mazes in the dark, where half of the players are wandering on the screen while the other half help out in a semi-god-like position, shining lights, distracting enemies and such. It's a straightforward set-up, but it hits at the very core of what makes co-op gaming so fun: shared experiences.

Early BFF or Die players have remarked about the game's high level of accessibility, saying it was a great game for people who don't like games as well as a nice parents plus kids experience. BFF is currently in alpha with a good chunk of its features already in place. A demo is available for free, or you can support development with a donation while you download.