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Playstation 4 Multiplayer Free Weekend Feb 13-15th
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Playstation 4 Multiplayer Free Weekend Feb 13-15th

Just a taste.

Sony's looking to give Playstation Plus-less PS4 Owners a taste of the sweet life this weekend. From Friday, February the 13th through the 15th, everybody with Sony's current console can play multiplayer online, free of charge, even if you haven't invested in PS Plus quite yet. Maybe dipping thy toe into the crystaline waters, and getting a taste for playing online co-op, will encourage you to pick up Sony's subscription service to keep the game train rollin'.

Check out the trailer, showing what fancy games you and your homies can look forward to playing together.

With the pay wall temporarily removed, you and some pals can jam in games that previously relegated you to the Solo Zone. You can also use this opportunity to demonstrate what hours of clocking in against the AI has done to your twitch skills in some PvP matches, if you're into that.

While locking the ability to play with friends behind a paid service might not be my favorite edition to the PS4, at least the service they provide offers a solid product on top of multiplayer access. A few quality gems pop up for free on PS Plus occasionally, and the discounts don't hurt either. If you've got a PS4 and a Vita or PS3, you're kinda missing out not taking part in the Playstation Plus experience.