Ralin: Dwarf Wars

  • Online Co-Op: 8 Players
Taste the Goblin Blood in Upcoming Hack and Slash RPG Ralin: Dwarf Wars
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Taste the Goblin Blood in Upcoming Hack and Slash RPG Ralin: Dwarf Wars

Fighting is fun, but modding is even more fun!

Sick of games that don't make you grit your teeth in anger? Ralin: Dwarf Wars knows the feeling! The in-dev hack and slash RPG from OGARDONIX Studios is focusing on creating a player-centric experience that's easy on the eyes, challenging to play, and fun to mod.

Ralin drops you and your friends in a series of dungeons packed from wall to wall with loot, enemies, and probably some confusing combinations of the two (looking at you, mimics). Dwarves prefer hand to hand combat, so Ralin mirrors that with plenty of melee weapons that let you get your hands dirty. Gotta keep the goblins away from the loot somehow, and an axe to the face is just as effective as any other method!

Possibly more exciting than the idea behind the game is that Ralin's tools are made to be easily moddable. Open source server software is already available, too, inviting people to come on in and tinker around with things. New features are planned for the near future, including customizable beards, more expansive loot tables, and quest systems that include things like crafting and leveling. Co-op mode dumps players on the same server and lets them fight for survival as a group, just the way dwarves like it!

Ralin: Dwarf Wars is currently in alpha. A demo is available to try free of charge, and a Kickstarter fund drive is on the horizon.

Source: Us10.campaign-archive2.com