50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
We're Shocked, 50 Cent uses Bad Words!
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We're Shocked, 50 Cent uses Bad Words!

Video game taunts are something we generally enjoy; what better way to take someone down, than to make them cry.  Army of Two showed how much fun co-op taunting can be.  50 Cent has a rather, er, colorful list of taunts to use in his upcoming game Blood on the Sand. It was no real shock to us when every line had a swear word or some other form of vulgarity. Now we can spend hours hitting the taunt button to hear “Try to climb me b****, now climb this!”

Pro tip: Turn the volume way up for that easily offended neighbor.  Repeat these during co-op sessions for maximum enjoyment with a friend!

Take a look at the complete list of taunts, but be warned; it's somewhat difficult to pronounce *, so use your imagination. (Contains almost-swearing)


  • Come on, get some
  • C'mon get it b****
  • Go ahead pop one b****
  • B****
  • F***ing die!
  • You going down son
  • You motherf***er
  • You want a shot at the title, b****?
  • Step up pussies
  • F*** you
  • It's over for you
  • Try some of this s***
  • F*** this
  • C'mon, yeah, c'mon!
  • Knock knock, motherf***er!
  • How you like me?
  • You're f***ing dead
  • You think you got me?
  • Die! Die!
  • F***ing c***sucker, die!
  • Motherf***ing c***sucker
  • You f***ing with the best
  • Game over pussy
  • Oh, you f***ed up now bitch
  • You want to f*** with me?
  • Lay the f*** down
  • Gonna f*** you up
  • Get f***ed
  • 50 cent!
  • You motherf***ing pussies
  • Game over b****
  • Spray this s***
  • Try to climb me b****, now climb this!
  • This is f***ed, man
  • All you motherf***ers gonna pay
  • F*** this s***, man
  • This is some f***ed up s***
  • I didn't sign up for this s***
  • Die b****
  • You pussy motherf***er
  • Alright b****
  • C'mon you f***
  • Yeah b****!
  • F***ing c***sucker
  • You gotta do better than that
  • Is that the best that you got?
  • The first is free motherf***er