The Kindred

  • Online Co-Op: 16 Players
Raise Crops, Harvest Materials in Co-Op Sandbox Game The Kindred
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Raise Crops, Harvest Materials in Co-Op Sandbox Game The Kindred

Crafting mines under a harvest moon.

Taking a more survivalist approach than many voxel sandbox games, The Kindred aims to keeps things civil in the most literal of ways. You and your friends start with nothing, then slowly build your city and society one discovery at a time. After all, nothing says "fun" like raising animals so you can survive the winter!

Despite its focus on staying alive, The Kindred doesn't skimp on core sandbox features. There's plenty of new territory to explore, resources to locate and extract, buildings to erect one cube at a time, and a huge procedurally generated world to cultivate. Alongside those features is the unique Harvest Moon-like spin on sandboxing. What happens if a disease wipes out your crops? Or a heatwave threatens your livestock? Yeah, that'll happen, you know.

The Kindred is in early access, meaning many of its features have yet to be completed. The game has already been in development for a few years, though, so there's plenty to dive into and enjoy. At the time of writing, co-op is a work in progress. Players are likely to experience connectivity issues when adventuring online, but the team hopes to smooth things out soon.

The Kindred is taking a nice new angle on co-op survival sandbox games, and we're looking forward to see how things progress. For now, check out the game on Steam's Early Access program to take a look at all the fun stuff you can do.

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