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Crackdown 1.5 Rumors Persist as More Team Members Join Ruffian Studios
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Crackdown 1.5 Rumors Persist as More Team Members Join Ruffian Studios

I was pretty surprised last night when I signed onto Xbox Live and joined a party of folks playing Crackdown.  Three separate co-op groups were playing and I wondered if I missed some memo.  How did this impromptu session of one of the most fun co-op games start? They said it only took one person playing before the rest wanted to join in, that just shows the longevity and great co-op fun that game has.  They wanted more!

Thankfully the Crackdown 1.5 or whatever it's going to be called rumors haven't stopped.  In fact two more developers of the original game have joined Ruffian Studios.  If you haven't heard, Ruffian is a new development house comprised of a lot of members of the old Crackdown team as well as developers of co-op friendly titles Too Human and Grand Theft Auto.  Ruffian's focus is said to be on co-op and multiplayer gaming which of course, makes us very happy.

One of these projects is what calls Crackdown 1.5.   At least that's what their Bothan spies told them.  In fact, in the latest piece on the upcoming whatever it's going to be - the source called it more of a 1.25.  Their man did verify that the game has a "lack of single player" and set for a 2009 release.

Whatever the fraction the game is going to be called - we want official details.  I'm sure VG247 is tired of losing so many Bothans as well.