Trials of Azra

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
Co-Op Puzzle Platformer Trials of Azra Leaves Early Access
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Co-Op Puzzle Platformer Trials of Azra Leaves Early Access

Then steals its own corpse and runs around for a bit.

Here's something a little different for your evening co-op adventures. Trials of Azra is a puzzle platformer from Onion Core with a central mechanic that focuses on killing things, then inhabiting their corpses to use to solve puzzles. Slay a rat? Great! Now hop inside and run through some tiny passageways!

The body switching, puzzle platforming set-up isn't anything new, but Trials of Azra does some really fun things with the feature. Each slain monster has its own abilities that help you traverse the dungeon landscape. Rats are small, that's a given. Those green eye guys can jump something serious. The zombies with the huge shield also come in handy, especially when there's spear traps in the way. Switch back and forth between Sam and his chosen corpse, but you can only control one dead body at a time.

Puzzles get really clever when Sam has to work out which body needs to go where and at what time. Since he has to stand next to a corpse to inhabit it, this can lead to some crazy positioning problems. Puzzles are stretched out on a room by room basis, however, so you can always reset if you get stuck.

The real fun comes along when you have a gamepad and can get a second player involved. Local co-op supports two players, one of whom controls Sam, and the other his possessed foe. It can really speed things up not having to switch back and forth, but as is the case with any co-op venture, bringing another person along has its share of struggles. "Stop... stop moving! Just stand on the button so I can get through, ok? I said stop moving!"

Trials of Azra is currently available for PC. It supports local co-op for two players. A gamepad is required for both people to join in.