Red Rope: Don't Fall Behind

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Allegorical Co-Op Game Red Rope Gets Another Update
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Allegorical Co-Op Game Red Rope Gets Another Update

Cooperation taken to a new level.

Nothing like a little allegory in your daily dose of gaming. Red Rope: Don't Fall Behind is a unique adventure style game released in 2016 that plays with the idea of unity being both a strength and a restriction. Developer Yonder has quietly released a few updates since last summer, refining the experience by balancing puzzles and fixing small bugs that crop up here and there.

The actual gameplay of Red Rope revolves around two characters, played by a solo player or two local co-op humans, who are physically tied together. Without this link they wouldn't be able to survive the labyrinth in which they're trapped, but staying this close together also means they'll face new types of challenges. Ever tried making breakfast when you're tied to someone? Actually, don't answer that. We'll keep your personal life out of this.

Alone or with a partner, Red Rope isn't easy. In fact, it's described as "punishingly difficult" or a "true hardcore experience", which aren't phrases to be trifled with. There are plenty of levels to face and more than enough challenges to keep you struggling to survive, no matter how many people are at the keyboard. Puzzles, mini-bosses, not-so-mini-bosses, and hand designed levels to provide maximum real and metaphorical obstacles to overcome. Best of all, Red Rope emphasizes the sort of off-screen communication that makes co-op gaming truly engaging. Pick a partner and sit down, you're about to see just how rewarding it can be to work together.