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Behemoth Game #3 Trailer Unveiled - Looks very Co-Op
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Behemoth Game #3 Trailer Unveiled - Looks very Co-Op

As promised, the Behemoth has delivered a trailer for their 3rd game.  It is perhaps the most dramatic, musical and emotional trailer for a video game you'll ever see - and you won't have a friggin clue what the heck is going on.

The good news is the game, still very very early in development, looks extremely co-op-able.  There's sections where players help lift each other up, similar to what players do in Army of Two.  We also see plenty of gameplay bits with multiple players fighting baddies on the screen at once, and it appears there's some sort of puzzle element to the game.

Of course Game #3 features the same iconic art style of Dan Paladin and the trailer shows this well, including some pretty interesting cut scenes.

The Behemoth - Game #3 Trailer from The Behemoth on Vimeo.

Source: Devblog.thebehemoth.com