• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
EvilvEvil Is your Vampire Co-Op Shooter
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EvilvEvil Is your Vampire Co-Op Shooter

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Vampires! Guns! Co-Op! Black and red! Today Enad Global 7, a newly formed entertainment group has unveiled their first project set to be fully explored at GDC 2020.  EvilvEvil is a co-op vampire shooter that will bring a setting to co-op shooters that hasn't been explored. 

EvilvEvil is a co-op first-person vampire shooter with a player-directed, continuously updated storyline. Its cast of characters will bring ultracool vampires with a heavy dose of attitude and other monstrosities. 

Not a ton to go on, but the teaser trailer looks promising. Could this be Left 4 Dead with vampires? The trailer points to the player actually fulfilling the vampire role, so, that's something entirely different.  Official platforms haven't been announced but it's a safe bet we'll see a PC version at a minimum.