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PowerWash Simulator

  • Online Co-Op: 6 Players
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PowerWasher Simulator Stream Recap
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PowerWasher Simulator Stream Recap

High powered

Not a lot of people enjoy household chores, but there's something therapeautic about power washing. The high powered stream of water simply erasing dirt, mold, and other gunk off your outdoor goods simply scratches some primal itch in our heads. To that end, the folks at FuturLab agreed and developed a way for you to get that satisfaction whenever you want.

PowerWasher Simulator tasks players with cleaning up vehicles and buildings with their arsenal of power washing gear - including different nozzles, extension and soap types. The career mode has you taking on jobs, earning money, and upgrading your gear. Those jobs can be played in two player co-op, allowing a friend to help you get through the job that much faster - but sadly - only the host player will gain progress.

Once you complete a job you can replay it in free play with up to six players in co-op for some truly chaotic, yet relaxing, stream crossing. Below you'll find us putting maximum pressure on someone's way too dirty backyard gear. 


PowerWasher Simluator is out now on Steam for $20. It's still in early access with more additional planned content and polish still coming.