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As If Louis' Pill-Popping Wasn't Harm Enough
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As If Louis' Pill-Popping Wasn't Harm Enough

The Official Xbox Magazine UK has provided recipes to some game-themed mixed drinks (yes, alcoholic; cover your ears, kids). For the sake of our drinkers, hopefully they taste as good as they are pretty.

The above concoctions are the Boomer Bile and Flaming Hunter, respectively. If the name Boomer Bile doesn't make you want to hurl, just down two or three of these...you'll be spewing in no time.

Now, let me go on the record to say that I don't condone drinking alcohol of any kind. However, I definitely condone cool Left 4 Dead references.

The recipes are posted after the "Read More" link. If you're underage, I suggest you do not click the link. Otherwise: have fun and be safe!


Boomer Bile

Slice up five pieces of cucumber and throw them into a glass half-filled with ice, then crush the lot with a pestle. Pour 45ml of gin, 1 oz of vodka, a dash of lemon juice and Worcester sauce. and 3oz of elderflower cordial into a shaker. Now shake until mixed and pour into the glass.



Flaming Hunter

Add into a cocktail shaker the following: 50ml Maker's Mark. 10ml Cherry Heering, 10ml Contra and a dash of Angostura. Shake the contents well, then pour into a small glass and drop in one or two cherries to sit in the bottom of the glass.

Source: Oxm.co.uk