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Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires To See U.S. Release
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Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires To See U.S. Release

Koei entertainment will be bringing Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires not only to the PAL territories as initially announced, but now to U.S. fans as well! Featuring 2 player offline co-op as well as the original multiplayer mode, Dynasty Warriors 6 is sure to bring familiarity with a splash of new content to your livingroom. From the press release we learn a bit about what new features this game has in store for us.

"As a lord, gamers must think strategically. By deciding when to attack, when to resist invasion, or when to initiate policies, a lord can expand their power and influence. An easy-to-learn "card collecting" system lets players enact policies that will increase their empire’s strength, improve the abilities of their forces, and more. The cards that a player receives will depend on the attributes of the officers and their army."

"Players can also pledge their allegiance to a kingdom to become an officer. As an officer, players can suggest policies in the kingdom’s war council, complete missions for rewards, or even turn against their ruler should relations sour.

Most eagerly awaited by fans is a game mode that allows players to create their own warrior. DYNASTY WARRIORS 6: Empires features an extensive character editing system with options to customize a warrior’s gender, build, skin tone, facial features, voice, clothing, weapon and more.

Whomever players choose to be, they can now use mountain ledges and waterways to infiltrate enemy bases and launch surprise attacks on supply depots to change the flow of battle."

Each of these points are welcomed additions to the Dynasty Warriors franchise, adding even more addictive elements to the classic gameplay. Keep an eye on U.S. stores June 23rd for your local co-op button mashing good time with Dynasty Warriors 6!