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The Legendary Starfy

  • LAN Co-Op: 2 Players
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The Legendary Starfy Shines Bright, Brings a Friend
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The Legendary Starfy Shines Bright, Brings a Friend

Oh Starfy!  How you woo me with your point to point smile, your glowing personality, and your ability to beat up things with your stubby arms.  The latest adventure of Starfy for the Nintendo DS includes a first - a 2 player co-op mode that allows Starfy to team up with his sister Starly.  She's pink, and equally as cute.

IGN gave their thoughts on Nintendo's latest game, The Legendary Starfy and came away very very impressed.


Where things really take off with Starfy is in the sheer depth of the game though. Not only do you get a full-sized Super Mario Word-like take on action/platforming, but you've also got multiple secret levels per world, lots of tiny challenges within each area – things like swim races, mini-bosses, full fledged boss fights, and scavenger hunts – plenty of in-level secrets and collectibles, the co-op mode for boss fights and special stages, and five mini-games. It's packed. When you aren't in the mood for general gameplay there's plenty to be found on the pause screen, complete with the five wireless min-games (each pretty different and relatively entertaining), a talk show featuring your best friend Moe as he brings on other characters from the story mode and interviews them, and the oh-so-random wardrobe area. Different items can be purchased or found in levels and then added to the 3D Starfy model which does nothing more than acts as a top screen avatar during pause menus. When combining specific clothes (like a beach t-shirt and sunglasses) you unlock little scenes with Starfy hanging out. Each of these can be checked out like a 3D model viewer, and the game goes as far as to have alternate special costumes and Starly (Starfy's pink counterpart) included too. If that's not enough "un-game" tomfoolery, you can also use collected pearls to shop in the store, or drop them into a gachapon machine that dispenses game enemies as another "collect & view" mode. 

This title kind of came out of no where, but looks like a solid co-op title for the younger audience - and a solid game for those looking for some nostalgia!