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XBox 360 Elite Drops to $299, Pro to $249
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XBox 360 Elite Drops to $299, Pro to $249

To absolutely no one's surprise, Microsoft has dropped the price of the high end Xbox 360, the Elite.  Likely in response to the new PS3 Slim, the Elite's price is down a Ben Franklin to $299.  The Pro model, with a 60 GB hard drive, is being phased out, and prices for that version are chopped to $249.  The hard drive-less Arcade remains at $199. 

Rumors of the Elite price drop have been going around for weeks now.  It's nice to hear the official word on it.  Now I'm pulling for a 120 GB hard drive price drop, as my poor 20 GB is full to overflowing.  Anyone planning to pick one up at the new price?

Source: Majornelson.com