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Alienware Updates M17x, Adds M15x to lineup
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Alienware Updates M17x, Adds M15x to lineup

Alienware was busy at the Tokyo Game show this week, announcing a new mobile version of their M17x gaming laptop called the M15x.  The 15" model sports many of the same features as its bigger brother, sacrificing a second video card, some ports, and screen size.  That's not to say it can't hold its own, as the laptop is the first one to support Intel's new Core i7 processor.  The laptop starts at a $1499 price tag. 

The M17x laptop has also been updated to with a new configuration that supports AMDs new Mobility Radeon 4870.  Currently benchmarked as the fasted mobile videocard on the market, it's a new option when ordering your M17x.  Both these laptops are sure to garner you some attention at your next co-op LAN party!

Source: Pcmag.com