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Trine Disappoints PSN Users
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Trine Disappoints PSN Users

We waited, and waited, and waited for Trine to finally make the leap from the PC to the Playstation Network. A bit late with a quiet release, we finally saw the 3 player co-op title sneak it's way on the Playstation Network. While many of us were happy to see the PSN version of Trine finally come about, we have some disappointing news. gave us a brief hands-on demonstration of the game, during which they ask the important question.

"So, does it have problems? The short answer is yes."

In the first 10 minutes of the game they already identified a number of flaws with the PSN version of Trine.

"The first boss, for example, is hard to hit despite its gargantuan size. The knight’s sword moves through the baddie’s bones as if they didn’t exist on-screen. The blocking mechanic in this section is frustrating as well, as the sword can just pass through the defense. But even normal fare can be a challenge to maim as certain attacks don’t register at appropriate times."

We still fully support the PC version of Trine, but sadly caution against the PSN version - at least until there is a patch that might fix these issues. We'll be sure to keep an eye out and let you know, because 3 player couch co-op is fun.

This is the play through video of the aforementioned issues in Trine.