Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes
Kane and Lynch 2 Looks Promising, Delivers Online Co-Op
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Kane and Lynch 2 Looks Promising, Delivers Online Co-Op

Information seems to be rapidly coming out about the recently announced Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days.  

First up is Kotaku with some great news for co-op gamers - the sequel will support online cooperative play through the entire campaign.  Also added to enhance the co-op experience will be partner revival with the ability to shoot while down.  

Another big change for the game deals with going solo, as players find themselves in control of Lynch as the main character.  Kane was the lead in the first game, though players that controlled Lynch in co-op found some subtle differences in gameplay style.  Hopefully we'll see those things carry over to the sequel.

The next issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine has the duo on the cover, and the Eidos forums have put some choice quotes pulled from the article.

“The violence is immediate and vicious…”

 “It’s loud and fast, with fighting at very close quarters.”

 “But it’s not just the pace of the action that’s exciting: it’s the way it’s presented. The entire game is delivered in YouTube style”

 “It’s District 9 meets Cloverfield”

 “…striking and instantly attention-grabbing; as if everything is seen from a mobile phone chasing our anti-heroes. It’s not just a gimmick; it creates a distinctly anxious vibe”

 “The result is that while you’re playing the game there’s also the sensation of being a panicked observer, rushing to keep up with Kane and Lynch”

 “…it’s refreshing to see IO is still willing to take risks with edgy characters, adult themes, and plunder a new cinematic vein for influences.” 

 Sounds like we may be in for a real treat with this one.  It may be trying to do some things we haven't seen in games in terms of style.  

Source: Kotaku.com