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Dead Space 2 Could Have Co-Op
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Dead Space 2 Could Have Co-Op

The original Dead Space was an amazing entry into the survival horror genre for Visceral Games.  Despite co-op being originally planned for the game, when it was released we lacked Isaac's twin brother by our side.  Dead Space Extraction on the Wii had co-op, though some would argue that light gun shooters are more suited for the mode.  Now sometime later with a sequel being announced, the question has come up once again - "Is there co-op in Dead Space 2?"

Steve Papoutsis of Visceral Games answered the question, neither confirming or denying it.  He states that there's a big split in the community over the feature in the game, but as of now, it's not there.  

Destructoid's suggestion?  Make co-op a separate mode.  Could we be seeing another survival mode on the horizon?  There's already plenty of rumors surrounding some kind of multiplayer mode, so I wouldn't be shocked to see it actually pop up.

Source: Destructoid.com