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Don't Call Madden NFL 2011 Co-Op, Play Together Anyway
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Don't Call Madden NFL 2011 Co-Op, Play Together Anyway

We have to admit, Madden NFL 2010 having co-op was pretty exciting - we don't seem to get enough sports games without playing against other people. This year, Madden NFL 2011 sort of did away with the literal co-op, but not completely. EA Sports is calling this new mode "Online Team Play," and it has its own comp stomp co-op option.

The mode is actually called Online Team Play. Anywhere from two to six users are supported in Online Team Play and users can participate in multiple configurations of up to three person teams: 1v1, 3v3 and 0v3 to name a few.

- Rob Semsey, Director of PR, EA Sports

Don't worry sports nuts, we'll still play with you. In fact, this Online Team Play is a lot like the co-op we had last year, but instead of two players we have three. Destructoid also had a bit of information on the actual gameplay.

Each player will choose a particular skill position, and while they'll stick with it, they'll be able to switch between the different players there. So if you play as the receiving corps, you can pick any of the wide receivers or tight ends.

There is also a "perks" system for playing certain positions and with others. This mode sounds appealing, even if they don't actually call it co-op we may take a look at it to decide for ourselves.


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