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Destination Arcade Temporary, U.S. Only?
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Destination Arcade Temporary, U.S. Only?

A week ago, Destination Arcade sounded phenomenal. The system is an updated Xbox LIVE Arcade browser directly integrated to the Xbox dashboard that really cleans up the way we look for arcade games. It even allows for user recommendations, compare similar titles and check for new releases in a user friendly fashion.

Todays news, however, changes how excited we can be. Destination Arcade is said to arrive with the Summer of Arcade promo - but now it looks like it will also end with the Summer of Arcade. A month of this robust, beautiful new interface just to return to the old cumbersome system sounds silly. Oh, and as far as Major Nelson knows, it's also a U.S. only improvement.

It does also sound like Microsoft has no idea what is actually going on with this system, so we don't know for sure how long it will last, or what territories will experience this new system. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.