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PAX 2008: The Gears Guide
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PAX 2008: The Gears Guide

The Penny-Arcade Expo starts this Friday and we'll be there to cover it bringing you all the latest co-op game impressions from the show floor.  The folks over at Epic Games have unleashed the schedule on the latest Gears of War title that will be on display at PAX.  The goods?  Gears lead writer, Joshua Ortega and the game's Senior Artist, Pete Hayes will be on hand to sign whatever you want them to sign...ANYTHING. 

Next up will be live demonstrations of the Sinkhole level.

  • 2 PM and 4 PM Friday, August 29
  • 12 PM and 2 PM Saturday, August 30
  • 12 PM and 2 PM Sunday, August 31

 Finally there will be 5 on 5 multiplayer matches set up at the Microsoft Booth through the duration of the show.   So if you are at PAX be sure to swing on by, and perhaps I'll chainsaw you to death...in the game.